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Our Work

Kertz productions produces and directs over $3 million in TV advertising per year. We also produce website videos and everything in between. If you need professional video services from start to finish, feel free to call us at any time. 


Trusmile Dental Implant Center

Trusmile has been our client since 2020. They are committed to TV advertising in San Diego and we feel honored they trust us with their marketing needs. 



When we film for Amazon, we work with Side Road media. Pete enjoys filming a few projects with Amazon each year. 


Renew Dental Implant Center

We have produced all of Renew's TV advertising since their creation in 2015. We helped Renew expand from one center in Colorado, to centers in Minnesota, Florida, Missouri, and California. 



Many of our productions are in the medical field. Kertz productions started producing national TV spots for Clearchoice Dental Implant Center. Since then, word of mouth in the industry has kept us close to our roots in the medical industry. 

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